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Kinship terms

"my father" "your father" "his/her father" English
Rre/Ntate Rrago Rraagwe Father
Mme Mmago Mmaagwe Mother
Rre-Mogolo/Ntate-Mogolo Rrago-Mogolo Rraagwe-Mogolo Grandfather
Mme-Mogolo/Nkoko Mmago-Mogolo Mmaagwe-Mogolo Grandmother
Nkgonne(Aubuti/Ausi) Mogoloo (Aubutiago/Ausiago) Mogolowe Elder brother/sister
Nnake Monnao Monnawe Younger brother/sister
Kgaitsadiake Kgaitsadio Kgaitsadie Sibling of the opposite sex
Rangwane Rangwanaago Rangwanaagwe Paternal uncle
Rakgadi Rakgadiago Rakgadiagwe Paternal aunt
Malome Malomaago Malomaagwe Maternal uncle
Mmangwane x x Maternal aunt
Ntsalake Ntsalao Ntsalae Cousin