Introducing yourself

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By the end of this lesson you will be able to introduce yourself and others.

Subject Markers and Personal Pronouns

ke me (1st person) nna myself
o you (2nd person) wena yourself
o he/she (3rd person) ene himself/herself
re us rona ourselves
le you (plural) lona yourselves
ba them bone themselves

Introduction 1

A O bidiwa mang ? Who are you called ?
B Ke bidiwa Peter I am called Peter
A O tswa kae ? Where are you from ?
B Ke tswa kwa* UK, wena o tswa kae ? I come from the UK, where are you from?
A Le nna ke tswa kwa* UK and I also come from the UK
B O tsile leng mo Botswana ? When did you come to Botswana?
A Ke tsile ka September 2006 I came in September 2006
B O tsile ka eng ? How did you come [you came with what?]
A Ke tsile ka sefofane I came by airoplane
B Mo Botswana o dira eng ? What do you do in Botswana ?
A Ke ithuta Setswana I am learning Setswana
B Jaanong o nna kae ? Now where do you stay ?
A Ke nna kwa* Broadhurst, wena o nna kae? I stay in Broadhurst, where do you stay ?
B Ke nna kwa* Block 6 I stay in Block 6
A Go siame rra OK sir

NOTE * "ko" is often used instead of "kwa"

Introduction 2

A Leina la gago ke mang? What is your name ?
B Leina la me ke Peter. Wena, leina la gago ke mang? My name is Peter. What is your name?
A Leina la me ke Robert My name is Robert
B Sefane sa gago ke mang? What is your surname
A Sefane sa me ke Jones My surname is Jones
B Mosetsana yole o bidiwa mang ? The girl over there, what is she called ?
A Leina la gagwe ke Bonolo Her name is Bonolo

Introduction 3

A Ke bidiwa Peter, wena o mang ? I am called Peter, who are you ?
B Ke bidiwa Bonolo I am called Bonolo
A Ke itumelela go go itse I am happy to know you

The identification card for Batswana is called OMANG from "o mang"