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Numbers are often spoken in English, particularly for larger numbers.


1 -ngwe first ntlha
2 -bedi second bobedi
3 -raro third boraro
4 -nne fourth bone
5 -tlhano fifth botlhano
6 -rataro sixth borataro
7 -supa seventh bosupa
8 -robabobedi eighth borobabobedi
9 -robabongwe ninth borababongwe
10 -some/-lesome tenth bosome/bolesome
15 lesome le botlhano - -
20 masome a mabedi - -
many ntsi - -


bana ba le bararo 3 children
x x
x x
x x

Days of the Week

letsatsi la bongwe Mantaga Monday
letsatsi la bobedi Labobedi Tuesday
letsatsi la boraro Laboraro Wednesday
letsatsi la bone Labone Thursday
letsatsi la botlhano Labotlhano Friday
letsatsi la borataro Sateretaga / Matlhatso Saturday
letsatsi la bosupa Sontaga / Tshipi Sunday