Simple sentences and linking words

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Use "le" for "and" only in a list of nouns:

John le Sarah ba tswa ko UK John and Sarah come from the UK
Ke ja koko, phaletshe le merogo I am eating chicken, mealie meal and vegetables

When linking phrases "gape" (again) or "mme" (but/however) or similar should be used.

John le Sarah ba tswa ko UK gape ba nna ko Block 6 John and Sarah come from the UK and/also they stay in Block 6
Ke ja koko mme ga ke je nama ya kolobe I eat chicken, but I don't eat pork (meat of pig)


fa, ka gore, ... LESSON 5b notes


When using two verbs in a sentence, as in English the second will be in the infinitive form. In Setswana this is "go -"

ke batla go ya kwa Gaborone I want to go to Gaborone
ke rata go ithutha Setswana I like learning (to learn) Setswana