Verb objects and conjunctives

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An object is someone or something which has the verb done to it. Eg in sentence "Peter hit Jane", Jane is the object, Peter is the subject.

Except for first person singular (me), in Setswana an object marker is used before the verb.

Basic Object Markers

The basic object markers are

-- me (1st person)
go you (2nd person)
mo him/her (3rd person)
re us
le** you (plural)
ba them
e it (noun class 9)
di them (noun class 10)


A o itse Anton ? Do you know Anton ?
Ke a mo itse I know him

Object marker for me

Here, instead of having a subject marker, the beginning of the verb is changed to start in n or m. Some examples are as follows:

araba + nna nkaraba ask me
thusa + nna nthusa help me
fa + nna mpha give me
rata + nna nthata love me
ruta + nna nthuta teach me
botswa + nna mpotsa ask me